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Our tutors have at least a Bachelor of Arts degree and a minimum of three years teaching and/or tutoring experience. Our tutors are full of energy and zest for learning. They do this job because they truly LOVE teaching, and they particularly like tutoring because working with a student one-on-one is an incredibly rewarding experience. Tutoring is a job in which a teacher can really see results, and very often those results happen more quickly than expected.

Let’s hear what just a few of our tutors have to say about themselves and The A-List:

 “After Graduating from an AP focused College Prep High School, Summera Howell went on to receive a BA from UCLA. Fresh out of college, she began tutoring for A-List in 2010. She has worked with over 65 families, tutoring a plethora of subjects. Additionally, she designed A-List’s ISEE preparation program. Whether assisting kids with regular homework, preparing them for standardized tests, helping struggling students pass a grade, or guiding seniors through college applications, Summera enjoys her work enormously. Her secret ambition is to win big money on Jeopardy”

Summera H., A-List Tutor

“I graduated from Belmont High School as the Valedictorian and I went on to University of California, Berkeley with a major in Molecular Cell Biology. I worked as a private tutor during high school for three years. I also volunteered to be an afterschool tutor at Oakland High School as a Bill Gates Millennium Scholar for my freshmen and sophomore years while at UC Berkeley. I like teaching students in a one-on-one environment so that I can provide them with the tools to improve  their grades and study habits. I love working with the A-List because they do an excellent job in matching students with tutors by helping to facilitate a real dialogue between tutors, students and parents.”

Sea C., A-List Tutor

“I attended the University of Southern California and graduated as a Renaissance Scholar, with Honors, with a double major in Spanish and Theatre and a minor in Business.  My Spanish education also includes a semester in Spain, where I studied at the Universidad Autonoma in Madrid and solidified my Spanish fluency. Over the past 4 (and counting) years of tutoring a range of subjects, I have learned just what an edifying role this responsibility holds in my life.  The challenge of adapting to each new student, with a different personality and different needs, speaks to both my creative and my analytic sides while also providing an outlet for my love of the learning process. And…It’s FUN.  I remember what it was like to be 7 and to be 17 and all the ages in between. I love building relationships with my students, helping my students conquer their obstacles and find what they are truly capable of, and reminding them that a sense of humor applies to all areas of life, even translating sentences and memorizing history timelines.”

-Laura H., A-List Tutor

Another A-List tutor, Trevor, graduated UCSB in December 2008 in biochemistry under molecular, cellular and developmental biology. Starting in 2009, he began tutoring for the CA Dept of Rehabilitation. His first student was a 32 year-old stroke victim attempting to finish her nursing chemistry requirements. After a successful and rewarding semester of chemistry, Trevor began to take on more students and work for more tutoring  companies. He joined the A-List in 2011 and continues to enjoy working with a diverse group of students on a variety of subjects ranging from Geometry to AP Chemistry.

-Trevor T., A-List Tutor

“Though I have lived many places in my life, I consider myself a Seattleite! I attained my bachelors degree at New York University, where I majored in political science and discovered a new passion when I accidentally picked up a minor in East Asian Studies.  After careers in journalism and computer networking, I attended University of California, Irvine, where I got my degree in and taught Chinese language, literature, and cinema. I love tutoring for A-List because I not only get to fulfill my passion for teaching, but I also get to build relationships with students and talk to them about their future plans!”

-Kerou C., A-List Tutor

“I have been teaching in the US and abroad for the past 8 years, earning my Bachelors of Arts in Spanish, Culture, and Community from UCLA. I have always worked in multicultural environments speaking Spanish when possible. I love being able to give students self-confidence and empowerment. In doing so, my objective has always been to make learning fun and interesting. I believe an educator has the power to guide and inspire learners to be their absolute best. My goal is to help students achieve that. Furthermore, I really enjoy being a mentor and building a rapport that inevitably contributes to my students’ success.”

-Erin G., A-List Tutor

“I grew up in New Jersey where I attended one of the nation’s top magnet high schools, Bergen County Academies, home to the number one math team in the country. For college, I made the move to the sunny West Coast, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of Southern California, while also remaining heavily involved in math. My love for the sciences extended to conducting multiple years of genetics and molecular biology research as an undergraduate. I have elected to tutor in my time off before starting medical school. My mission is simple: provide my students with all of the little techniques and tricks that I have picked up along the way, but only in a manner as to supplement big-picture learning that is effectively broken down into paramount details. I never end a session until I am 100% confident in that student’s ability to apply this new knowledge on his/her own. Outside of tutoring, I enjoy golfing and playing piano.”

-Derek A., A-List Tutor

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