Our Mission

The A-List is a comprehensive educational services company for tutoring in all subjects and levels, test prep (ISEE/ACT/SAT/HSPT) and admissions consulting (preschool through college). Our mission is to ensure that our students and their families feel that their educational path is the best fit for them. Whether a student is using our services for tutoring, or a family hires us to help them apply to college, The A-List inspires confidence and nurtures a sense of independence in our clients.

As a mother/daughter team, Carolyn and Alexis offer a unique perspective. Alexis was raised in Los Angeles, and faced the same challenges at independent schools that A-List clients have to handle. From academic pressures to the daunting task of applying to elementary school, high school and college, Alexis and Carolyn know exactly what it’s like to be in “your shoes.” Families who use Carolyn for middle school placement may use Alexis for Spanish tutoring and later for college counseling. Students Carolyn place in  upper schools may use Alexis for college counseling. Given the unique talents of both professionals, families establish long-term relationships with the team.

The A-List works with clients at every stage  of a student’s path. Some clients simply need a weekly French tutor, while others need ISEE prep and assistance with middle school applications, and some started tutoring with us in fifth grade and are now working with us to prep for their ACT or  SAT exams. Working with students and their families from so many angles ensures that we truly understand the educational identity of our students and their family’s needs. We have an intimate knowledge of how students learn and make sure that they have everything essential for success whether they’re in first grade, twelfth grade or starting their freshman year of college.

While Assistant Director of Admissions at Crossroads School for sixteen years (1998-2014), Carolyn White interviewed and counseled thousands of families in the admissions process. Her primary goal was always to make the right match between families and school. Integrity and compassion have consistently guided her relationships with parents and admissions directors throughout the country, who highly value her professional opinion and input.In addition, with over ten years of teaching experience (grades 7-12), Carolyn understands how teachers think and students feel in the classroom. The author of The Seven Common Sins of Parenting an Only Child, she advises parents throughout Los Angeles.Whether you are applying to preschool, elementary, middle or upper school, determining which educational experience best suits your child’s needs and your family’s values can be intimidating at best.  In today’s culture, where everyone has an opinion, it’s hard to avoid the “buzz and misinformation” about school admissions processes. They are complicated and unique for each school. Carolyn’s expertise gives you the advantage of having the most informed and up to date guidance available.

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