Alexis was calm, straight forward, flexible and efficient with her time.

We are most grateful for Alexis White’s support of our daughter throughout the college application process.  Not only was she helpful in identifying schools that fit what our daughter was looking for, but she was invaluable in arranging tours and assisted my daughter in contacting professors in her area of interest on these campuses.  On several of my daughter’s college visits, she was able to meet with these faculty when she visited the school, allowing her to gain a true insight into what each college offered in her particular area of study.  We would never have thought to do that and are most appreciative of Alexis suggesting this to us! Additionally, Alexis was a great sounding board as our daughter worked on her essay and many, many supplements.  Alexis was thoughtful in her comments and always provided great suggestions and feedback.  The end result were essays that captured our daughter’s personality, her interests/passions and effectively put them into words.  The result was acceptances to nearly every college she applied to!  Throughout the entire process, Alexis was calm, straight forward, flexible and efficient with her time.  We could not be happier with our entire experience from start to finish!  Thank you so much Alexis, you are the best!

Andrea Tracy
parent, Marlborough School

I am forever grateful for Alexis and the A-List Company.

I am the first person in my family to ever go to college, the entire process was new and lost on my family members and I, all until I met Alexis. Alexis has explained the process to me from start to finish. I could rely on her at every step of the way to help me, encourage me, and explain any minor detail. Alexis was always flexible with her hours and ensured that I maximized every minute of each session. I was introduced to college in a new light and I learned a great deal from Alexis. She taught me how to search for the schools that fit me best, how to arrange tours, how to communicate with the right people, and how to write a killer essay and supplement. I can only thank Alexis for truly helping me to capture my passions and myself and put it into words. I thank her today for getting me into my number one top choice of University. I am forever grateful for Alexis and the A-List Company. From ACT prep to College Counseling, they have gotten me through it all. THE ABSOLUTE BEST !!!

Milan Rubin
student at de Toledo High School

By the way, our son got into every school he applied to.

Our family was supported by Carolyn during the admissions process last fall,  and we couldn’t recommend her more highly. She is a wealth of knowledge about the schools with her years of experience in admissions,  which gave us confidence in our decision making. But even more helpful, her demystifying the process helped us actually enjoy admissions.  By the way, our son got into every school he applied to.  Thank you Carolyn!


Song Oh 
Parent at Geffen Academy 

As a family, we couldn’t have achieved any of this without Carolyn and Alexis White. We are eternally grateful for their help

We have worked with Carolyn White twice, once while we looked for a middle school for our son and more recently as we looked for high schools. Carolyn is extremely knowledgeable about every LA area school and makes a point of keeping up with each school as they change and evolve. More importantly, Carolyn got to know our son very well, bolstering his strengths and rallying around his weaknesses. The phrase is used a lot, but it’s more difficult than it sounds to find ‘the right fit’. As a parent, some schools are difficult to fully evaluate, while also considering how a child may change and develop during formative years. We wanted to search deeply to find schools that would challenge our child, while also ensuring that he would not be in over his head. With Carolyn’s experience, skill and attention to detail, we are confident that in both cases we found the right school for our son.

Applying to private schools in LA can be like running the gauntlet. Getting to know the schools, narrowing your choices, deadlines, test prep, interview prep, deciding on a school as your first choice – can be fraught to say the least. Carolyn guided us through each stage, making the whole process more meaningful and less daunting.

When it came to test prep, Alexis White was amazing. She assigned the perfect tutor for our son and ensured that practice tests were given in the right environment at the right intervals. Needless to say, our son scored better than expected when it came to the real placement tests!

Jason O'Mara

My daughter had a great experience with the admission process with very little stress…

With her calm demeanor and extensive experience in admissions, Carolyn puts the whole family at ease and adds a dash of lightheartedness to achieve an effective middle school application process. Her thoughtful questions help both you and Carolyn to understand who your child is and to create an authentic list of options. Her questions also enable your child to take a moment to  understand her strengths, passions and dreams. With each visit, Carolyn encouraged my daughter to fulfill her potential, boosted her confidence, and helped her leave any anxiety in the dust. Carolyn’s mock interviews are a must to prepare for the big day. We are so happy and grateful that our paths crossed with Carolyn. My daughter had a great experience with the admission process with very little stress, and now she is enjoying being a 7th grader at Brentwood School, which was her number 1 choice.

Katya Sonman
mother of Kaila , Brentwood 7th grade

I cannot imagine navigating the private school landscape without Carolyn’s experience and insight.

The process of applying to private school in Los Angeles is one of the most significant endeavors your family will undertake. In a city of 14 million people, community can be difficult to find and while  all schools offer academics, they provide the first experience most children have of community.

There is no way as a parent that you will be able to know the Ins and outs of all the schools available to your child. A decision this important should be made with most information possible about each school rather than a cursory look on 1 hour school tour.

Carolyn provided our family with both the in-depth understanding of our options, and even more importantly,  an assessment of how she saw our family as whole and where she believed our child and  our entire family would have the best experience possible. She was 100% right, and she wasn’t afraid to do the heavy lifting that is required throughout the application and interview process.

I cannot imagine navigating the private school landscape without Carolyn’s experience and insight. Everyday when I walk our daughter into kindergarten, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude that she and our whole and family get to grow up in what I can honestly say is the most magical school ever. Without Carolyn we could not have even begun to sort through schools. I can’t imagine being anywhere else…Crossroads has become our home away from home and the place where we have met some of our best friends. Our daughter breaks into a wide grin everyday when she walks through door…the one that Carolyn helped us open.

Brooke Peterson
Parent, Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences

…superhero genre for an intellectual and accomplished mother/daughter duo

Hi Alexis and Carolyn.

What a pleasure it was spending time with both of you today!  Though I’m not sure if there’s room in the superhero genre for an intellectual and accomplished mother/daughter duo…the two of you would definitely have my vote. 🙂

Alexis…Caleb left today’s ISEE prep session feeling self-assured and excited to tell me about the new concepts he learned. Quoting him verbatim, “Mom, I learned more with Alexis in that one hour than I did  in the last six sessions with the other tutor (from the ‘shall remain nameless company’)” Thank you!

Carolyn…beyond being an obvious wealth of information, you are delightful and bring a calming insight to this process that I sincerely appreciate.  I really look forward to you getting to know Caleb!

Again, I am so grateful to have met you, and genuinely look forward to the journey ahead!

Raina Rosenblum
Parent, Windward & Brawerman Schools

Carolyn White was a true angel for our family

Carolyn White was a true angel for our family. After a long, unsuccessful school search for our son, she managed to lead us down a path, that we didn’t even know existed, to a school that is a perfect fit for our boy. Her insight into the endless options of schools in LA is unprecedented. She introduced us to TREE ACADEMY, a brand new school in its early stages of creation that has turned out to be such a blessing for our son. By spending time with him and getting to know him, she understood that he would thrive in an environment that provided lots of one-on-one instruction, a dynamic variety of electives and an inspired faculty who creates a joyous learning environment for the students. Carolyn’s greatest ability is to match a student’s special needs with a school’s specific educational style. She uses her skills and knowledge to feed her passion for helping students and families. Carolyn White is a solution-based master in education placement and any family who has her on their side is extremely fortunate.
* Mol

Molly Tuttle
Parent, TREE Academy

I simply cannot recommend Carolyn and Alexis White highly enough

We worked with them as we applied to middle schools and prepared our child for the ISEE exam.

Carolyn’s knowledge of the LA area schools and her warm attention to every aspect of our child’s application was immensely comforting. Carolyn made us feel as though we had a family member on the inside who could explain every phase of the process  and who cared deeply about our child. She was accurate in her every suggestion and understood us as a family amazingly well. Our child was admitted to every one of her top choice schools, all of which were extremely competitive. I know with confidence that Carolyn was a huge contributing factor to this success. She is a delight and I would use her again without hesitation. Rarely in life does one meet a professional who can marry this level of skill with compassion, experience and commitment. Carolyn is one of those rare gems.

Alexis White brings not only an immense knowledge to her test preparation but an ability to communicate with teenagers that is amongst the best I have seen. Through this she gets to know each child and thereby to really understand which school would be the best fit for them. The application process is challenging on many levels for the whole family and Alexis has the ability to connect immediately and to provide the answers once needs to feel heard and guided.

Our experience with both Carolyn and Alexis from the initial stages of assessing schools, to ISEE prep, to completing the actual applications and managing wait times and results was better than we ever imagined. Their help and guidance not only made the process easier but lead to results that far exceeded our expectations.

Beth Davidson
Parent, Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences

Offered priceless help

We thank you so much for all of your support. Your assistance really made a positive impression on our son. You were successful in keeping him focused on his high school subjects and offered priceless help with the college application process. Thank you again.


Dorit Evenhaim
Parent, New Community Jewish School

Scored perfect 36s on his ACT

Thomas scored perfect 36s on his ACT thanks in no small part to Nick and your team. So thanks for all your help.

Jake Epstein
Parent, Oakwood School

A first-class tutor

So much about tutoring success depends on the quality of the tutor and whether he/she clicks with your child. I will say that A-List provided us with such a first-class tutor, we were bowled over. She performed magic with our children and found a way to bring out the best in them. Her teaching skills were incomparable, and her style was impressive. A-List gets an A-plus from us!

Jaye Rogovin
Parent, John Thomas Dye

A-list tutors truly care about me as a person

My A-List tutors are perfect for me. They don’t just care about doing a good job for the A-List, but they truly care about me as a person. My humanities tutor “gets” me…she’s really creative so she’s always able to help explain English and history to me in a way that I can understand. My science tutor is studying medicine at UCLA and he’s also always able to put a “real world” spin on what I’m learning. Thank you so much–this help means everything to me.

Kevin Acosta
Student, Loyola High School

You helped our daughter shine and kept us calm!

You guided, you encouraged, you helped our daughter shine and kept us calm. Consider us your BEST reference!

Becky Sobelman-Stern
Parent, Milken Community High School

My score is now much more competitive

My A-List ACT reading tutor helped me raise my score 9 points! My score is now much more competitive for the colleges I’m applying to. Thanks so much, A-List!

Allison VK
Student, Marlborough School

A-list tutors is outstanding!

We have three teenagers – the oldest just graduated from Marlborough School and is off to NYU. The other two are twins entering the 10th grade at Campbell Hall. Over the last six years, each one of our children has been tutored by A-list tutors, covering every subject matter – English, Math, History, Spanish, Japanese, French, and Science. And, sometimes, all in the same session by the same tutor! The skill set of A-list tutors is outstanding – scholars who can teach, mentors who feel like peers, professionals who take pride in their work. These high standards are found with total consistency in each A-list tutor. Alexis and Ashley have built an A+ service that has become a true partner in our children’s educational program.

Jody Dunitz
Parent, Campbell Hall and Marllborough

Up SAT score by 300 points!

The A-List helped my son raise his SAT score by 300 points! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us!

Kathleen Barnes
Parent, Notre Dame High School

Feeling more confident

The work that our daughter did with her tutor, Ani, helped her a lot. Ani was fabulous! Our daughter went into the test feeling much more confident. Thank you for your support!

Mabel Cardenas
Parent, Marlborough School

You helped make the dreadful process of college applications MUCH easier.

Thank you so much for all of your help, especially on such short notice. You helped make the dreadful process of college applications MUCH MUCH MUCH easier. You also made it fun and I appreciate that most of all.

Tim Annick
Student, Cate School

A Tremendous Help

I want to thank Daniel, my calculus tutor, for helping me so much with math this past year. You’ve been a tremendous help. My grades have been so much better and I credit the improvements to you. Math has been my most challenging subject and the tutoring definitely decreased the difficulty for me.

Wilson Dallas-Brooks
StudentCampbell Hall

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